Jeremy Tagle Bautista

AKA Kilusan, was born in Long
Beach Califas. He moved with his family to San Francisco, where he was raised in the mission district. The son of Pilipin@ immigrants, both of his great grandfathers were veterans of WWII.

Jeremy took part in youth theater companies in San
Francisco, such as RIOT Theater Co. or Burton Players.
He attended UC Santa Cruz for his undergraduate
studies, where he was involved in several Pilipin@
theater productions through the Filipino Student
Association. He was an active member, actor, director
for a multicultural arts organization known as Rainbow
Theater. In Nov. 2001, he produced and wrote his
first playwright, "A Tuyo In The Sun", which
encompassed three generations of his families working
class struggle in the Philippines and America.

Jeremy was part of a group of students of color who
implemented JUICE, a multicultural theater arts
collective in the Santa Cruz Area. He also is a
member of 8th Wonder, a Pilipin@ spoken word arts
collective in the Bay Area. He is currently working
on his first independently made book of creative
writings entitled, "Descendant of Fire".

Abraham “Ahbay” Menor

Is a native of East San Jose. He attended De Anza College and later transferred to CSU Hayward where he received a Bachelor in Sociology with a minor in Filipino/Filipino American Studies. Outside of the institution setting he gives credit to his parents, the streets he roamed, Hip Hop culture, peer (pressure), and loved ones for being a big part of his educational process. He currently works with the Filipino Youth Coalition where he is an intervention specialist at Independence High School. When he is not working with FYC or getting involved in too many community activities, he devotes his free time to his art. Painting is one of his past times, but taking pictures is his all time favorite. He loves to capture street and Hip Hop culture and really loves to document what is going on in his community. He feels that he is a visual aid for the community. You can usually find him with some kind of free art for the people. …Favorite quote: “Bootleg your mind, it’s a whole lot cheaper than selling out”

Austin P. Mosqueda
(Street Poet)

“Life is like a fortune cookie. When it breaks, there is always something to be learned.”

Austin Mosqueda is a 27 year old student of life. He has been involved in the community since the age of 14 thru various community organizations, such as Filipino Youth Coalition, Village Project and City Year San Jose. Austin does not classify himself as an actor, but as “some guy who like to entertain people.”

In the midst of his hectic life, he always follows his purpose in life: Helping and making people happy. He is continuing to help, guide and educate youth by coaching wrestling and football at Mt. Pleasant High School in San Jose.
Austin would like to dedicate his performance to his family.

“Laughter is food for the soul.”

Alicia Abulencia Santa Ana

Alicia is a loving wife and dedicated mother of three children. Born and raised in the Philippines she received her B. S. in Elementary Education. Her love to help children and her career as an educator was prolonged as she immigrated to the states becoming a teacher and a librarian. Although, her love for education was pinnacle to her success, she strived to pursue her passion in the arts. Since 1994, she continues to sing in the St. Maria Goretti Choir, performed with Gavilan College Choir, De Anza Chorale Choir & Women’s Choir. Her love of singing also inspired her to play the piano since 1997 which led her to major in music at Gavilan Community College. Although she is retired, her love to learn and thoroughly express herself through arts is the key to live a long and happy life.

Paolo Gomez
(House Band)

Bassist Paolo Gomez, currently the bass player for the Survivalists, has played with several local artists comprising of Shamako Noble, Triplex, Jonah, Kelsi Arnold and the Junior Panthers. His musical endeavors have recently taken him to the East Coast, where he and the Survivalists toured and worked on a second album. He is also working on a separate musical project, which promises to assemble a variety of local artists to be featured in one eclectic album.

Currently as attending San Jose State University as a Business Management major, Paolo hopes to apply his knowledge, skills and credentials to help cultivate and nurture music and other fine art programs in communities lacking the resources to provide such services for disadvantaged children and teens. “Inside any child is the potential to realize a greater destiny than what we hoped for in our own selves.”- PG

Laura Gomez-Coughlin
(House Band)

Flautist Laura Gomez-Coughlin has enjoyed experimenting with sounds from the flute since she first picked it up in the 6th grade. In the past, Laura has shared her skills and collaborated with musicians like her brothers Alvin and Edwin (from the Junior Panthers) and Paolo (from the Survivalists). Although she never pursued a committed career in playing music, she always finds time to practice her scales during her busy schedule.

Laura’s artistic capabilities are not limited to music. Unique fashion is also a catharsis for Laura’s creativity. In her late teens, Laura helped create and assemble local fashion shows in San Jose (Channel One, Fuel 44, EVC,) while acting as one of the principal designers. Laura’s formal education and training took place in the Body Mechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in Washington where Laura became a licensed massage practitioner. She and her family recently moved back to her native city of San Jose.

She currently works as a massage therapist for a clinic as well as for private clients. Laura’s two young children are her inspiration and motivation to promote the growth of musical and artistic foundations within the community. Her love and devotion to her family compels her to participate in activities that positively contribute to building awareness and appreciation of fine arts in her children as well as the community.

DJ Jenicide & That Girl

A Lady's Touch

Since 1997, DJ Jenicide and ThatGirl have been captivating audiences with an exquisite blend of reggae riddims, sexy dubs, hip-hop nostalgia, classic soul, rock steady breaks, raw funk, jazzy grooves, and experimental beats, creating the wicked hybrid, all-female, earth signed, moon powered crew of two illin-illocanas known as A Lady's Touch. Hailing straight out of San Jose, the duo has rocked crowds together and individually from the bay area, all the way out to the Midwest while still maintaining an organic appeal and resisting all forms of mainstream commercialism.

Affiliated with collectives such as the 5th Element, Sisterz of the Underground, Funk Lab Productions, Jah Warrior Shelter, and the Zulu Nation, ThatGirl and Jenicide not only can rock a party, but have also been known for flexing their turntable trickery and creating abstract musical landscapes, selecting the freshest breaks for the b-kids to battle, and even simply providing audio ambiance for random art shows, in-store appearances, and private cannabis club engagements. Their diverse sets have landed them gigs for a vast array of events and venues such as Pride 2003, Carnival, the Great American Music Hall, Oberlin and Stanford college just to name a few. They've performed with and opened up for some of the most talented artists today including MC Lyte, Mystic, Goapele, Medusa, Eyedea from Rhymesayers, Triple Threat, the Anomolies, Pam the Funkstress, Crazy Legs, Rocafella, and Asia One.

"I love being able to put something out there that people feel... it gives me a sense of sanity." -DJ Jenicide

"I do it for the girl in the corner with curly hair." –ThatGirl

Jocelyn Deona de Leon

Her moonshine dilates to a 360-degree radius, tranquilly beckoning tides of emotional oceans with words spoken in the dialect of the soul. Since 1998, Jocelyn Deona de Leon has carried on the talk story tradition of her Pilipino ancestral heritage, delivering messages of the past resonated through time, bridging the gap between third world struggle and first world dreams.

Born in San Francisco and residing in the South Bay, Jocelyn cultivated her verse and collaborated with seven other artists in the summer of 2000, forming the Pilipino Performance Poetry group, 8th Wonder, who premiered at Bindlestiff Studio- the epicenter for Pilipino
American Performing Arts. Individually and as a part of 8th Wonder, Jocelyn has toured nationally through Oberlin, Chicago, Seattle, California, and Hawaii. Affiliated with collectives such as 5th Element, Sisters of the Underground, and community organizations such as Bagong Bayan and Youth Speaks, she shares her words and energy with youth at various elementary, high school, and college campuses.

Reflecting on experience through the eyes of love, her words have served as a common denominator of hearts, cutting across all ages, color lines, religions, and politics, earning her the privilege of performing for a vast array of events and venues such as San Jose’s Annual Art and Resistance Summit, the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture in LA, Chicago’s Chopin Theatre, and the bay area’s own San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, La Pena Cultural Center, the Justice League, and MACLA. She has opened up for and performed alongside some of the most talented artists of today including Ursula Rucker, Jessica Hagedorn, Ishle Yi Park, Bao Phi, Isangmahal, Feedback, and I Was Born With Two Tongues.! Jocelyn has been highlighted in media sources such as the San Jose Mercury News, Asian Week Magazine, KPFA 94.1, and KMEL 106.1. We Can, her first published work, appears in UC Berkeley’s Literary publication, Maganda Magazine (Issue 12). Her featured audio pieces include Rice Dreams (Re Evolve, 2001), Love Poem (Maganda Magazine Issue 13, Audio Insert, 2000), and Speakeasy and Sensual Connectivity (8th Wonder Debut Album, 2000). The audience as her canvas, Jocelyn has the ability to paralyze time and mold it to her will, increasing the space of a moment into one collective reflection.

“The world is a poem drawn in calligrapher’s ink/ and I am simply a child/ attempting to decipher it.”
-Jocelyn Deona de Leon

Lorenz Dumuk
(Co-Writer \ Vagrant)

Lorenz is a writer who tries to capture human experiences, and human potential into his writing. He has published short stories and poetry in the literary magazine, "Leaf by Leaf." He has been writing for over 12 years. Lorenz tries hard to pay respect to classical styles of poetry and to past poets that have came before him. He takes other art classes (ceramics, sculpting, photo, & etc.) in hope to better himself as an artist and as a writer. Lorenz feels that his writing has been guided by the English teachers before and especially by his professors Rose Ann Higashi and Sterling Warner.

Lorenz on occasion performs spoken word to embody the role as a story teller and an entertaining activist. He has performed his poetry at San Jose State University, FYC's Know History Know Self, and at Evergreen's Poetry Festival. Lorenz uses spoken word during history workshops to help give a layout of the Pilipin@ struggles and events that have came before him. Lorenz credits his success as a spoken word artist to the organization FYC and to his friend Tony.
Besides writing Lorenz's other passion is singing. Lorenz has been singing for over 16 years. Lorenz has been involved in school choirs since elementary and has sung at various events. Lorenz is currently active in his church choir and cantors when he can. Lorenz's greatest singing accomplishment was when got to perform with the EVC Choir at the Santa Clara Mission. Lorenz credits a lot of his musical passion to the beloved Mrs. Alkire Lee as well as the talented individuals he has been blessed to sing with.
Lorenz's hope is to produce art that will not only portray the world he lives in but to also produce art that will help sculpt the world he wishes to see.

Tony Santa Ana
(Co-Writer \ News Anchor)

Tony Santa Ana, raised in San Jose, CA, is finishing his Master’s Degree at the University of San Francisco in Education. While working with young people for the past nine years, he has created a Pin@y community school, produced a creative expressions CD (Re-Evolve), been published in UC Berkeley’s Maganda Magazine and traveled throughout the country speaking to young people. He seeks to creatively express himself through various forms of art from writing to dancing, to spinning records to making videos, to playing the djembe to the kubing.

Currently, he is a consultant for Community Crime Prevention Associates working with urban youth training them how to evaluate non-profit organizations. Also, he is working on a campaign, Juvenile Detention Reform, to prevent youth of color to become part of the Juvenile Justice System. This collaboration of elected officials, school districts, law enforcement, judicial system, community based organizations, parents and youth work together to change this system.

His future goal is to develop Pin@y Community Venture expanding on the ideas of the Pin@y community school, mentorship program and a national training ground for future Pin@y activists. His passion for the development of youth will create a community of young people striving to find truth, cultural roots and freedom of spirit. His motto is “youth are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are leaders of today! & Never underestimate the power and voice of young people to change the world!”

Rommel Reyes
(House Band)

Rommel R. Reyes aka Romedigs
Hometown:San Francisco
Musical Occupation: Freelance Studio Performer/ Musician (drummer, saxophone player, electronic musician

Professional occupation: operations manager for Pinnacle Mortgage Corporation in the Silicon Valley Favorite Musical Genre: Jazz, Hip Hop, anything
Soulful Education: Archbishop Riordan High, Skyline College, California Recording Institute
Groups: Raw Soul, the Foundation and the Soul Searchers
Performances: shared spotlight with numerous acts ranging from Too Short, the Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean,
Alkaholiks, Wu Tang Clan, Hieroglyphics, Invisbl
Scratch Piklz, and various high profile R&B-
Underground hip-hop acts

Previous affiliation: 1995-1998 Radio personality for 106.1FM
Album Resume: Released 3 vinyl EP’s
Raw Soul- SoulKids Records
Supa squad- Intersound records
Wicked mix-Wicked mix Records,
Rommel Reyes

L.J. "Esoin tha Esoteric Being"
(Hip Hop head)

(Pronounced ES-O-IN... S.O.N. as in “Shine on Nocturnal”) Macaraeg, born in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Esoin has called San Jose his hometown for most of his life. To start his musical journey Esoin picked up the drums and started to play at the age of nine. Here, he established his rhythm patterns focusing more on the funk and jazz rhythms setting the foundation for his future. As he grew older, he gravitated to the music we all call Hip Hop sensing the funk, soul and jazz that were the basis of all Hip Hop.

Esoin is a story teller. Stories that range from fierce intergalactic outer space Battles, (similar to analogies to an emcee battle) to simply walkin' the streets of San Jose with his backpack exploring life. Esoin’s lyrics are broken down into various topics in his writings include a wide spectrum from life and death, love and hate, to pain and happiness. Sometimes he’s kickin' rhymes about his record collection, other times he’s bending time and space or he’s simply zoning out & possessed by the beat. His stage presence is charismatic, and at times inspiring to see him work the masses. He’s calm, cool and collective onstage, never having to worry about peeps throwin' their hands up. The beats (provided by Him & Silent John) and his vivid imagination is enough to work the people in his show.

2002 marked Full Dose Records first Big Release, Esoin’s “Substance & Oblivia.” It also marks Esoin's first “official” Release. He originally established himself within 2 crews, Daysmen Empire & Constylations and has been slangin' “Underground tapes” out of his backpack since the birth of his career. He has also shared the stage with some of Hip-Hops finest acts including KRS-1, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Zion-I, Living Legends, Hieroglyphics and The Pharcyde.


B-Syde is a movement.
B-Syde is a vision.
B-Syde is a train of thoughts.
B-Syde is a way of life.
B-Syde is a sense of passion.
B-Syde is a sisterhood comprised of 6 individuals aspiring to move the
dance community.

Established in 1997, B-Syde was formed out of a high school after school activity through the efforts of Nick Ngo, Jennilee Gomez, and Olivia Totten. The goal was to represent hip hop as a young group of individuals and
showcase at the event, DISPLAY 97 in Hayward, CA. Inspired by the brothers of Mindtricks, B-Syde was drawn to another level of choreography that has set them forward until this day. B-girlism is what they like to call it, with a fresh and funky style no one can compare.

The term "b-side" is understood as the "B" side of the record, which in most cases, is known as the side of that record that is typically unheard of. Metaphorically speaking, the "B-Syde" is a 100% female dance crew that likes
to create and perform unidentified dance techniques to favorable underground hip-hop artists, break beats, old skool jams, and then some. Each sister brings personality to the group to where others are able to see right through them and compare them to no other. B-syde is a sisterhood with defined strength, and relies on nothing else but their soul and their feet to keep them groovin'. Individually, they are starving artists of their own, together they are Representing for all the females, the B-Syde is keeping it real.

B-Syde is: Jennilee Gomez. Ohtee Totten, Danielle Buendia, Janelle Ayran, Tisha Santos, and Renee Laput.

Dee Jae Pa'este

Born and molded in San Jose, CA and a graduate of Independence High School 03’ he was drawing even before walking and talking. Motivation for his art is adding a keen sense of spirituality and consciousness to his work and something that helps manifest all that is music. Showcasing his work around the bay area and Hawaii, he involves himself with numerous local organizations like Filipino Youth Coalition, City Year youth outreach and San Jose magazine Silicon Valley De-Bug. Currently, he started a clothing line, Konscious Klothing, which will feature his artwork and also proverbs and sayings which gives the apparel a more than meets the eye niche. Receiving a partial admission scholarship, he plans to attend California College of Art & Crafts in Emeryville. “As long as you keep looking, my mind will keep creating and my hands will keep painting. Some one told me once that Knowledge Speaks and Wisdom Listens, so as life passes I take in all I can and try to hear what best applies to my love…Art.”

Deejae's Official Website


Justine Baraquil
(Stage Manager)

“I won’t tell you the truth, because it doesn’t exist. What I will do is share my story and tell you my truth.” – Justine B.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Justine currently attends De Anza College. She loves being involved with the community and credits her passion to a collective of motivational mentors that she has encountered through FYC. Justine discovered her niche in life when she joined “Bayani Ng Kabataan” (“Young Heroes”) in 2000. Since then, Justine has been multi-tasking to do her part in organizing various events in the community. Through her involvement with the Filipino Youth Coalition, she has helped put together events such as “Battle of the Tribes”, “Know History / Know Self Conference”, and the “Melvin Ancheta Dinner”. Outside of FYC, Justine also helps out with the dance competition “BattleFest” and is currently part of the executive staff for another Bbox Entertainment event. For the near future, Justine plans to transfer down south to San Diego where she will pursue a major in Business Management or Public Administration. When times get hectic, Justine likes to keep her sanity by spending time with family, goofing off with friends and getting lost in music.

“What happens now, will become the past. The past will foreshadow the future because the future is only possible because of the past. Thus, make the present count and make it rich.” – Justine B.

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